iNet is a Christian charity which serves 12 churches (Avery Hill included) and 30 adults (plus children) working overseas in 13 countries.

iNet helps member churches recruit, train and look after overseas workers (OSWs) involved in cross cultural mission as well as in reintegrating returning workers to the UK.  iNet also trains people going overseas for shorter terms ranging from one week to a year.  

Churches Together in Sidcup –  Our involvement in the wider Sidcup community is through our link with the various churches that are part of Churches Together . The main event being the 16 day outreach during Lark in the Park, which attracts 1000’s of visitors and requires over 300 people from different churches to play a vital role in providing all the support needed. The Unity Service, Good Friday Procession of Witness and Civic Carol Service are other events that we can be involved in. 

XLP works in some of London’s most challenging areas. Their projects aim to deliver three clear outcomes: 

  • Transformed attitudes and behaviours of young people towards their families, peers and teachers;
  • A raised sense of self-worth, self-esteem and increased educational achievement, which helps them confidently and positively contribute to their communities;
  • Encouraged young people who have fresh goals and work hard to achieve them, and who are empowered to make wise lifestyle choices.

Christian Resources in Bexley Schools is an educational charity that seek to work into local schools and provide a variety of resources including clubs for vulnerable children, Christian Union’s and teaching Christianity in the school cirriculum.

We work with local church events such as Lark in the Park and Spark in the Park.