Opening Times:

Tuesday 10am – 12 noon

Thursday 12 noon – 3pm

(Other Centres opening times)


 07932 431350 

Bexley Foodbank (part of Avery Hill Charitable Trust) is managed by Gill Bates

The Avery Hill distribution centre is led by Rosemary Hutton

What is a Foodbank?

A Foodbank is a way of providing emergency food aid to those in need.

How does a Foodbank work?

Non-perishable food (e.g. tins, pasta, rice) is donated to the Foodbank, where it is stored. Vouchers are given to individuals or families in need. The individual or family then come to the Foodbank where they can exchange the voucher for three days of emergency food aid. Many Foodbanks in the UK associate with the Trussell Trust to take advantage of their links to supermarkets and professional organisations.